Studio Policy

2016-2017  Lesson Schedule: 

 I teach piano lessons Monday through Friday.  Fall semester starts Friday, August 12 through Monday, December 19 and includes 17 lessons.  Spring semester begins Thursday, January 5 through Friday, May 19 and includes 18 lessons.  The dates of no piano lessons are: September 2, 5 (Labor Day weekend), November 21-25 (Thanksgiving week), December 20-January 4, March 30-April 7, and May 22-31 .  Summer lessons (June through mid-August) will be arranged on an individual, flexible basis.  Please check the studio calendar for important dates such as the December performances and the May recital.

In addition, there will be three one-hour studio classes (group lessons) for school-age students on Saturday mornings--1 in the fall and 2 in the spring semesters.  The dates for these studio classes are: October 29,  February 11, and April 22.  7 days  advance written sign-up is required for these studio classes.  Studio classes will include performance opportunities in front of other piano students, cooperative music games and learning opportunities, and other music activities to interact with other piano students.  Adult students will have their own informal get-togethers/performance opportunities each semester.

Please arrive on time for your lesson, since that is the time reserved exclusively for you.  If you are late, you will have a shorter lesson with the remaining time.  It is fine to arrive a few (5) minutes early and wait quietly while I finish with another student.  Parents and family members are welcome at lessons, as long as I can still devote lesson time to the student.

If I am unable to teach due to my own illness or family emergency, I will reschedule your lesson or apply the lesson credit to your tuition the following month.

Payment: What is included in the tuition payment?
Tuition includes much more than the lesson time spent with each student.  Tuition includes time spent preparing a personal plan for each student's lesson and emailing lesson notes, finding/ordering suitable music books, making  music games, my training, continuing education at webinars, professional memberships and teacher meetings, student opportunities with music software on my iPad, group lessons, and much more!

Tuition is $382 Fall Semester and $425 Spring Semester for 30-minute lessons, and $571 Fall Semester and $635 Spring Semester for 45 minute lessons.  (For those families who pay by the month rather than by the semester, tuition is $85 per month for 30 minute lessons, or $127 per month for 45-minute lessons.  December tuition fee covers the semester balance and is half the usual amount--$42.50 or $63.50.) Tuition must be paid no later than at the first lesson of each month.  Fees may be paid by cash, check, or PayPal (credit/debit card online).  Fees for music books and special events are not covered by monthly tuition, and will be billed separately.  A non-refundable spring recital fee of $22 for each pre-school through high school-age student--$44 maximum per family-- will be included in the February invoice.  This fee helps cover concert hall rental and student awards.   

There is a 5% tuition discount for families who pay by the semester, either mid-August through December or January through May, with cash or check.  

Missed Lessons

What if you can't attend your lesson due to illness, school/family/vacation event, or bad weather?  Please contact me ASAP before that lesson.  You may request a FaceTime or phone lesson if you are not able to attend in person due to bad weather, vacation, transportation problems, mild illness, or other special issues.  If you are too ill to have a lesson at all, please ask me to record a YouTube lesson that you may watch when you get well.  If you prefer, you may record your music by phone before your scheduled lesson, and I will listen and send you comments during your regular lesson time.  Adult students only: in order to make alternate arrangements, please contact me at least 24 hours in advance if you need to miss a lesson.   


Discontinuation of Lessons:  Lessons normally are scheduled from mid-August through the end of May.  What if you discontinue lessons part-way through the year?  Please notify me at least two weeks before your last lesson---two weeks' paid notice is required.  All students will pay a two-weeks lesson deposit for their last two lessons, for whenever that would occur. (After their four lesson trail period, new students pay a deposit which will pay for their last two lesson in the future--$50 for 30-minute lessons, $75 for 45-minute lessons.)

Questions?  If you have questions or concerns please call me (317-753-1858) or email me ( with your questions, and I will respond as soon as I can. 

References are gladly given upon request.